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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp, and Evensong, and Home

Camp was lovely. I'm sorry you weren't there to share it, and that I wasn't better about getting lots of pictures; but honestly, I was too busy being part of the week to stand back and take photos. Some folks are very good at that; I am not.

But there was lots of camp-type stuff: swimming, and kayaking, arts & crafts and music, prayer and praise and silliness and waterlogged fun. I think the kids enjoyed the week; I know I did.

Camp ended Saturday, but I didn't go straight home. Instead, I drove south to Virginia City. Rev. Ref's congregation there was celebrating "Tuttle Days," and wanted to have an Evensong service to honor Montana's missionary bishop. The Ref. was a tad uncomfortable about leading a sung service, so he invited me to officiate. I was delighted, if a bit nervous-- I love Evensong, but it's been a couple years since I've done any sort of chanting.

But I think the service went well, and the church was wonderful-- a friendly congregation also celebrating their updated worship space. They've just finished painting, and replacing the century-old carpet, and the place looks marvelous (go here to see pictures).

I spent the night with the Ref. and his Lovely Wife (thanks to The Kid for use of the extra bed in her room!), then headed back home early Sunday morning, in Absarokee in time for Sunday Eucharist.

It was a very good week... and I'm glad to be home.


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