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Friday, April 02, 2004

"Episcopal Horoscope"

That's the term my bishop uses to describe the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), an evaluative test that purports to indicate facets of one's personality. He calls it that because it has become such a common thing in clergy and leadership training that "What's your Myers-Briggs?" has replaced the archetypal "What's your sign?" line of years gone by. A recent exchange on Cliff's blog is also a fine example of how this crops up.

The purpose of taking the test is twofold: (a) to allow for a little self-awareness and understanding; and (b) to help understand why some people seem to connect and communicate easily with one another, while others are forever at cross-purposes. Since as clergy our stock in trade is communication, the more we know and understand about how we do this, the better off we are. You can get a fuller explanation of it here, and even take a facsimile of the test, if you like.

I've been trotted through the test three times, over the years, with varying results; but I appear to have settled into life as an ISFJ. Here's one explanation of that; and here's another.

So-- what's your type, baby?


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