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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years' Resolutions

In general, I am not a big believer. Mostly I've found that what I accomplish in making resolutions is that I have provided myself yet another opportunity to feel lousy and inadequate when I don't manage to live up to my expectations. Sometimes this is due to setting my sights unreasonably high (the "Super Wife/Mother/Priest" syndrome); and sometimes it's simply because I am all too human, and fall short of where I know I should be.

And yet... it can be helpful to note clearly the things I want/need to work on, and to have goals in that regard. As those who know me best will tell you, making lists makes me happy, and I enjoy an additional bit of smug satisfaction when I am able to cross items off.

So... here's a list-- only, instead of resolutions, let's call them Areas in Which I Would Like to Make Progress (it sounds less daunting that way):

Exercise: Something, anything. I am not overweight, but I am in lousy shape-- flabby, and I tire more easily than I should. And I have the cardiac family history from hell, the consequences of which I would like to stave off insofar as it is possible. I will never be the sort who lives at the gym; but I was once in the habit of walking regularly, and I enjoy hiking (and this is beautiful country in which to do so!). So I would like strap on my sneakers more regularly-- at least three times per week would be a nice start.

Music: I have been s-l-o-w-l-y teaching myself how to play the guitar. I had a few pointers from Brother Tripp early on, and have dabbled in fits and starts ever since. I have made progress-- even played In Front of People once or twice, and they did not run screaming from the room-- but I would do better with a teacher, I think. So, before the end of the month, I hope to find locally some kind and patient individual who will help with this. Besides, paying for lessons will mean that I won't put off practicing because I have Other Things To Do.

Time Management: Yes, I know-- I am already the organizational sort (friends, family, and Seabury alumni all over the country are collectively rolling their eyes; this is not a news flash). However, in the effort to get my "sea legs" in this ministry, I have been very poor about honoring intentional time off, and family time. I've been letting the various areas of my life kind of bleed into one another, and sometimes the results have not been good.

I have begun to make some changes in parish administration which will hopefully alleviate that somewhat, and I intend to continue to look for opportunities to do more delegation and reduction of administrivia. Also-- I will remember that "work" is legitimately reading and writing, as well as moving and activity; sermon writing is not to be done on days off; answering email in the morning can wait until after devotional time, and maybe even breakfast; and I'd like to go to bed early enough that I can read more than three sentences before falling asleep. These improvements won't happen every time, of course; but I'd rather this behavior be the rule, and then allow for an occasional exception.

Okay; there's a start. Any suggestions for making success more likely?


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